'Happy Endings' Kickball Episode Will FINALLY Air Soon

For months now, “Happy Endings” creator David Caspe has talked about a missing episode of his show, one that involves kickball and obscure pop culture references and orange slices and Brad and Jane acting like the couple you wish you could have a threesome with (future list idea?). PROBABLY. Again, we have no idea because the episode hasn’t aired yet — but not for much longer.

Outfest, the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, announced Tuesday that the extra episode will screen during the series July 22 panel at the Director’s Guild of America.

“KickBall 2: The Kickening,” an homage of sorts to The Bad News Bears, sees the gang getting uncharacteristically athletic, with Adam Pally’s Max taking on the role of coach.

As for the episode’s official air date, ABC is likely to plug it into the new season when Happy Endings moves to Tuesdays this fall. (Via)

Instead of parodying the original Bad News Bears, I hope the episode spoofs The Bad News Bears Go to Japan, which is obviously the best film in the series. Kickball jokes…in Japan??? That’s exactly the kind of hijinks we expect from “Happy Endings,” and needless to say, Dave as Kelly Leak would be, to quote Penny, 驚-くべ-き.

Just because.