The Final Episodes Of ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Get A Magic-Filled Teaser

If I could add one more series to our Best Shows of 2018 list, it would be Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It maybe wasn’t the Netflix comedy’s finest season overall, but on a joke-for-joke basis, it’s still one of TV’s funniest shows, and it gave us an entire episode centered on Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne, a.k.a. DJ Slizzard. Praise be to Kimmy. Sadly, it was only the first half of Unbreakable‘s last season, with the second half set to debut on January 25. (It’s a busy month for the streaming service.) Netflix released the first promo for the final six episodes, which doesn’t reveal any plot points, but it does have Titus singing the theme song to the (unfortunately) fictional show, Magic Boy.

Lyrics include:

“It’s a ’90s kind of world and everyone is gay
When I say Titus, you say nothing”

There’s also a rap breakdown, and an announcement that “Magic Boy is filmed in front of a live rat.” In the second half of season four, “Kimmy will have to choose between helping her friends and helping herself [and there’s also] an hourlong Sliding Doors episode, inspired by the 1998 Gwyneth Paltrow movie of the same name, that explores how the characters lives might have been different if Kimmy had never been kidnapped,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. Having to wait until January to see that episode? Fudge that sugar.

Want some Unbreakable stills? Here you go.


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