‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Gives Pizza Rat The Recognition It Deserves With This Street Sign

I think we all remember Pizza Rat. The sensation that has since been overtaken by a rat fighting a pigeon and a camel toe prank might be making a comeback soon enough. That’s all thanks to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and the street sign above, a wonderful prop from the upcoming season. According to New York Magazine, people were greeted by the sign and just had to take some photos, like Fred Benenson above:

“They had notified us about it in advance,” an employee of the 3 Roots Cafe, which is adjacent to the signpost, told ABC News. “It was only up for a few hours. There’s always a lot of filming around in the area.”

But it’s still possible to change “PIZZA RAT BLVD” from a television prop into an actual street name. Under the process called co-naming, all someone would have to do is get 75 percent of a street’s residents and business owners to sign a petition in support of the name change, convince the local community board’s Traffic & Transportation Committee to approve the petition, and then lobby the New York City Council to give Pizza Rat Boulevard its stamp of approval.

I say we follow NY Mag’s advice and make this a real thing. Not only does it seem to make incredibly serious people unhappy, particularly those on Twitter, but it’s also a nice way to mark the shift’s in today’s pop culture. Pizza Rat could have more staying power if it got a street named after it. I’ll even accept an alley. Let’s just make it happen folks.

(Via New York Magazine / Fred Benenson)