'Under The Dome' Has Been Renewed For A Second Season

Sadly, they are not calling it Under The Dome 2: Dome Harder, but CBS, which we’ve firmly established loves money, has “renewed” Under The Dome for a second season. Wait, can you even “renew” a miniseries?

In some ways it’s not a big surprise. Under The Dome has been a ratings bulldozer for CBS, pulling in over ten million viewers with each episode, even if the second and third episodes put the show teetering on hate-watch territory. It was also relatively cheap for a TV show on a major network; they were able to flog episodes internationally and cut an exclusive streaming deal with Amazon that essentially paid for most of the show before CBS aired an episode.

On the other hand, part of the show’s appeal is that, well, it’s going to end. The plots are going to pay off, Junior will get killed, probably right after he befriends Linda; Julia will be trampled as everyone sprints out of the dome; Big Jim will be killed off; the lesbian couple can go back to The L Word; and basically everything will work out. I’ve enjoyed recapping the show but I don’t know I want another season of Julia being a self-righteous scold and Angie locked up in various outbuildings and sheds.

Also it doesn’t help that Stephen King is writing the second season premiere. The man’s screenwriting does not match his prose. But, who knows? We’ll be watching tonight; maybe the show can deliver something that makes us want that much more.