Here Are 25 More Pop Culture Halloween Costumes You Will Probably Love

Well hello. [via]

It will be Halloween soon, so we’re sharing some costumes we enjoyed which may help you come up with ideas. Today we have 25 Halloween costumes that we didn’t already post in our 30 easy costumes, TV character costumes, or our geeky costumes roundup.

One costume you definitely won’t be seeing in any of these pop culture roundups is this Miley Cyrus costume. If you still want to go as Miley Cyrus, we’ll allow it, but have to agree to grind on the first Beetlejuice you see. (By the way, there’s a Beetlejuice on page eight. Commence to grindin’.)

Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys and actress Arielle Vandenberg as “Florence + The Machine”, photographed by Lucy Two Bows.

Banksy’s “Love Is In The Air” graffiti recreated in real life by Dane.

Fembot from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery made by Johannasburg, and yes, it smokes. (Build video here.)

Josh Sundquist deserves (and is) a major award! [More on this costume here.]

Han Solo Cup [via]

Little Edward Scissorhands [via]

Take note: “Sexy Beetlejuice” is now a thing. (Photographed Carlos Alves.)

Shepard Fairey’s Obama poster [via]

Leeloo cosplayed by Ms. Mars, photographed by Cliff Nordman. More Fifth Element costumes here.

Deadmau5’s costume last Halloween photographed by TMFACTION.

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) was The People’s Hulk last year, of course. [via]

Jane Lynch dressed as the character she voiced in Wreck-It Ralph. [via]

Cap’n Crunch photographed by Hamilton Tamayo.

“My friends costume, safe to say the dogs wont like her…” — Wheres_Naldo69

Ecce Mono is always relevant. [via]

Flying Spaghetti Monster photographed by Jason Ernst.

“At the 2013 Cincinnati Comic Expo, I came across this couple cosplaying Walt and Mickey. When I asked to take their photo, they assumed a pose similar to the Partners statue that appears at Disney parks worldwide.” — Dennis D

Angry Birds and pigs photographed by deejayqueue.

Rock’em Sock’em Robot costumes made by EyeHeartInk. (More pictures here.)

Vincent Van Gogh [via]

Mona Lisa photographed by torbakhopper.

Photographed by Federico Foschini.

He hates these cans! (Photographed by Dave Coustan.)

Subtle. (Photographed by Bob Jagendorf.)

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