Unravel The Mysteries Behind 'Community' Season Five With This Fantastic 'Mad Men' Mash-Up

I won’t be happy until I’ve shared each and every one of the new Community trailers with you. The good thing is that each one is getting more creative as we inch closer to the January 2nd premiere and the moment of truth behind the quality of this season.

The joy of this trailer comes from the mimicry of Mad Men’s mystifying previews and the execution is top notch. At this point I feel like Jeff is really a ghost, Abed is going to shoot Troy with the hunting rifle he keeps in his bunk, and Pierce died in his swimming pool with the entirety of season four being his life flashing before his eyes. Also lots of sex. Lots and lots of sex. Britta and Annie sex. Make it happen, Harmon.

If anything, I take joy from the idea that something Matthew Weiner begrudgingly added to the end of each Mad Men episode has sort of taken a cultural life of its own. All we need now is a needless oral history on the subject and I can die a happy man.

(Via NBC)