‘Up All Night’ May Finally Be Canceled; Will Arnett And Amy Poehler To Reconcile?

02.17.13 6 years ago 9 Comments

Think of Up All Night like a guy with a terminal disease. The second he found out he was diagnosed, all he wanted to do was put a bullet in his head, but NBC has been holding the gun away from its head. He lost movement in his right arm when Up All Night was retooled between seasons one and two. He lost his eyesight when the show was put on hiatus so that it could be transformed into a multi-camera laugh track sitcom. He lost his voice when the showrunner left. And he was put on life-support when Christina Applegate left. But still, NBC wouldn’t put the bullet in its head, agreeing to make one episode of the laugh-track version of the show, even without its eyesight, its right arm, and its brain function.

Finally, however, it looks like Up All Night has wrestled the gun away from NBC and put a bullet in its own head. The moronic one-episode reboot has stalled, and now Will Arnett is eyeing Greg Garcia’s (Raising Hope) new sitcom on CBS, while Maya Rudolph is pregnant for a fourth time. NBC has so far declined to comment, but the show’s writers are all looking for new jobs and Rudolph and Arnett are negotiating their departures. So, basically, the time of death hasn’t been announced, but the corpse is slumped over a slab in the mortuary.

But at least there is some semi-related good news, if you believe rumors from “sources” in the gossip rags, which suggests that Will Arnett wants badly to reconcile with Amy Poehler. Since they have not officially filed for divorce, maybe there is a chance. I wouldn’t put much stock in the rumor given the source, BUT should Poehler and Arnett reunite, the world’s collective faith in love could be fully restored.

(Source: THR)

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