UPDATE: Aaryn And GinaMarie From ‘Big Brother’ Are Still Racist As Hell

Hey, it’s been a little while since we checked in on Aaryn and GinaMarie from Big Brother. Why don’t we pull up the live feed from the house and see what they’ve been up t-.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand they’re still racist as hell.

The latest clip takes place in the house’s giant group bedroom, where Candice, who is black, is upset about her mattress being flipped over. Aaryn responds to this by mocking her and doing an impression of a black person that is so stereotypical and offensive that I’m honestly surprised she doesn’t mention chicken or watermelon, and then when Candice gets upset about it, GinaMarie gets up in her face and yells “Whatcha gonna say? Whatcha gonna say? You want the black to come out?!” Unless you’re giving advice about bleaching coffee stains out of t-shirts, you should never, ever say that. Especially if you’re someone who also refers to welfare programs as “ni**er insurance.”

Anyway, as a reminder, the only redeeming part of this whole situation is that neither of these two jamooks has any idea that they’ve been fired from their day jobs and blasted all over the Internet for being vile, terrible human beings, because they’re still sequestered in the house with no access to outside communication. Someday soon they are going to realize that and be sad about it, and then I am going to laugh and laugh and laugh.

And speaking of things that are hilarious, some mischievous CBS producer apparently went to Aaryn earlier this week and asked her to blog about her experiences in the house, and the first paragraph of her entry really drives home how oblivious she is to all of this. Enjoy.

Hey Y’all! It’s your current HOH and BB Bunny, Aaryn! This week has been great for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better time to be in this position. Going into this HOH competition, I knew I had to win in order to secure my safety. Things weren’t looking too good! David leaving was extremely hard for me, and it caused me to question every person in this house. Being around someone 24/7 for even just 13 days creates a bond that is painful to break cold turkey! Thankfully I have been able to see things more clearly now that I have received a wakeup call. I have changed my game completely and am realizing what I need to do that I previously wouldn’t have thought twice about. After all, this is a G.A.M.E, and I need to be reminded of that often. I have a fireball personality and am one of the most up front people you will ever meet, and that is hurting my game. There are pros and cons of every move we make in this house, and the best I can do is what I’m doing. I’ve learned a lot about life in just 19 days, and no matter what happens I will be forever grateful for that (no matter how many times I’m sassy) ;).

Oh, sweet schadenfreude.

(via Atlanta Black Star, photo credit: CBS)