Confirmed: Tupac Shakur And Tony Danza Were Friends

Earlier today I brought you the news that Tony Danza and Tupac Shakur were pen pals, which I declared to be “the greatest story of all-time.” Well that has now been officially confirmed, because in the comments of that post, AST69 posted a link to a YouTube video of Tupac — apparently on the set of the video for “California Love” — discussing his friendship with the Who’s the Boss? star. The video contains this quote, which I consider to be important because I sat here and watched it like nine times and, sure enough, each time these words actually came out of Tupac Shakur’s mouth:

“I’m Tony Danza ALL DAY. Nobody can’t say nothing bad about Tony Danza, Taxi, or Who’s the Boss?, nothing he did … I’ll start swingin’.”

Today is amazing.