Updates to Boring Crap

04.09.10 9 years ago 5 Comments

There are a couple things that have been in the news this week that I feel obligated to write updates about. First of all, Bruce Beresford-Redmond, the “Survivor” producer whose wife turned up dead from strangulation in Mexico, has been released from police custody. However, he’s still a person of interest and can’t leave the country until the investigation is concluded.

As for the Nicollette Sheridan lawsuit in which she claims “Desperate Housewives” creator Marc Cherry assaulted her, the latest comes from The Daily Beast, which reports that Cherry marginalizes women working on the show:

“He hates women,” said one person who has worked on set. “It’s apparent on set that he’s a fan of cute, gay men, not women.”

“He will dress you down in front of the staff. He will assault an idea,” said another. “He is very confrontational in this way. He has hissy fits.”

Whoa, stop the presses! A gay man is bitchy and prefers cute men to women? Notify the Pulitzer committee!

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