UPROXX 20: Eric Wareheim Of ‘Tim And Eric’ Fame Is Really Into Fonts, Public Humiliation

Eric Wareheim is a comedian most famous for being half of the “Tim and Eric” comedy duo responsible for the creation of Adult Swim’s Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, among other things. Prior to entering the world of comedy, Tim grew up in Pennsylvania, attended Temple University and played in Philadelphia-area rock bands. This week Eric premiered “Backpacker Bush,” a music video, along with new episodes of the Tim and Eric Go Pro Show on their YouTube channel. He’s also one of the co-founders of Jash.

Eric was nice enough to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule recently and answer a few of our questions.

1. You walk into a bar. What do your order from the bartender?

It’s called a ShoNono. It’s a drink they specialize in in Philly, and it’s Vodka and Pepto-Bismol shaken up and on the rocks.

2. Who’s your favorite person to follow on Twitter?

Tim Heidecker.

3. What’s currently waiting for you on your DVR/TiVO?

KILLER KARAOKE. I’m obsessed with that show.

4. It’s your last meal — what are you going out with?

I’m a food nut, so it’s going to be 2 pieces of Otoro sushi and 2 pieces of Babe’s Fried Chicken from Dallas, Texas.

5. What websites do you visit on a regular basis?

I visit Kink.com, I’m into when girls abuse men like in public – like public humiliation and stuff. And there’s another site called Dingbats that’s dedicated to the font, where people can comment on the font.

6. What’s the most frequently played song on your iPod?

Right now it’s called “Bubble Butt” by Major Lazer because I’m making a new music video for that track.

7. The first face that comes to mind when you think “punchable”?

Chris Brown.

8. What’s your favorite meme?

What is a meme?

9. Dogs or cats?

Cats, definitely.

10. Best concert of your life was…?

Fugazi when I was 16.

11. What book are you most likely to give as a gift?

The Bible.

12. What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

One time, Tim went and got me new pants at Walmart because I pissed my pants because I had a bad dream.

13. South Park or Family Guy?

South Park.

14. You have an entire day to do whatever you want. What would you do?

Motorcycle through Joshua Tree.

15. What movie can you not resist watching if it’s on?


16. Android or iPhone?


17. Where did you eat the best meal of your life?

The restaurant called Alinea in Chicago.

18. The last movie you saw in a theater?


19. Who was your first celebrity crush?

Jennifer Connelly.

20. What would you cook if Nic Cage was coming to your house for dinner?

I would ask Craig, his former personal chef of 5 years, prior to cooking anything.

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(Photo via Twitter)