UPROXX 2012 Grammy Awards Open Thread

Awards shows are barely about the awards anymore. The game has changed. It’s not that awards shows are fixed, it’s that they barely reflect what we watch or listen to anymore. But the one thing they are great for is bringing four time zones together in a moment of true unity where we can mock, shred, belittle, and — on rare occasions — celebrate the winners, the injustices, and the crimes against good taste.

Our brethren over at Uproxx will be hosting an open thread over at the mothership this Sunday night during the Grammy telecast. The Uproxx open threads are huge, and more than just snark and wit and cries of outrage. Thanks to the spiffy new commenting system, the open threads provide commentary, video and GIFs as the coverage happens. It’s pretty bad ass.

Even better, like the “Archer” open threads, this one will provide an opportunity to rub Internet elbows with someone in the in the know, in this case a music executive who is a partner at a management firm that reps a large stable of artists, mostly rock bands (some that are quite well known). He will be posting anonymously, so he’ll be able to speak frankly without hurting the feelings of any of his colleagues.

There will also be one or two other special guests, including the stable of Uproxx writers who will stop by to harangue the rest of you for crying during Taylor Swift’s performance.

The lineup at the Grammy’s will include:



-Paul McCartney

-Jason Aldean with Kelly Clarkson

-the Foo Fighters

-Bruno Mars

-Nicki Minaj

-Taylor Swift

-the Beach Boys with Maroon 5 and Foster the People

Stop on by Sunday night. It’ll be worth your while.