UPROXX Interview: Timothy Simons From ‘Veep’ On Breakup Songs, Being Young And Dumb, And Getting A Big Break

As regular readers of this site know, we’re huge fans of Veep around here. And of the show’s legion of memorable characters, there’s probably not one we enjoy more than Jonah Ryan, the dickish White House aide turned bomb-throwing blogger as editor-in-chief of Ryantology portrayed masterfully by Timothy Simons. We were lucky enough to get to spend some time chatting with Simons recently. He talked about his life before and after Veep, his favorite break-up song and his favorite Jonah insult, among other things.


TIM: Hey man. How’s it going?

UPROXX: Excellent. How are you?

TIM: Doing really good.

UPROXX: Sounds like it.

TIM: I get so many comments from people about things that have come up about the show on your site. I have a lot of friends that are on your site a lot. That feels good.

UPROXX: That’s great. I like to think that we were on the Tim Simons/Veep train a long time before anyone else was. And it’s been fun to watch your character develop and I really am enjoying the hell out of Jonah becoming a blogger after getting fired from his White House staff gig. How do you feel about the turn of events in his storyline there?