UPROXX Video: Truth In Advertising, Starring Special Guest Eddie Pepitone

04.01.13 6 years ago 3 Comments

The latest UPROXX Video is important for two reasons: 1) It skewers the world of advertising, which deserves to be skewered whenever possible, as it is filled almost exclusively with duplicitous, weasel-like, flimflam artists who will go to staggering lengths to trick you into spending your hard-earned money on shoddy products that you never needed in the first place. (Except for the people who advertise on this website, naturally.) 2) It features Eddie Pepitone, who is a terrific comedian and the focus of a documentary titled The Bitter Buddha, which I haven’t seen, but really want to. If Pepitone’s name doesn’t ring a bell for you, you should definitely check out his work, as he’s probably one of your favorite comedian’s favorite comedians.


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