UPROXX Video: A Real-Life Zombie Discusses 'The Walking Dead'

02.11.13 7 Comments

For those of you who missed last week’s big honking announcement, UPROXX has teamed up with the geniuses from 5 Second Films to create UPROXX Video. (SUSCRIBE PLEASE.) We all caught up now? GREAT. That means I can deliver today’s big honking announcement: UPROXX Video is HERE. Hold onto your butts, everybody. This could get pretty serious.

The debut UPROXX Video clip is a sit-down with a real life zombie, where we get to hear his take on AMC’s The Walking Dead, and other zombie-related entertainment, in a segment called “TV For Real.” I won’t spoil the video for you, but I will say that the zombie (pictured above) does make some pretty reasonable points re: using fruit baskets as apologies. Please make a note. Also, please do not eat my brain or appendages.


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