Utah NBC Affiliate Won't Carry 'The New Normal,' Thinks Being Gay Is 'Rude'

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08.27.12 17 Comments

According to EW, a Utah NBC affiliate, the same station that refused to air The Playboy Club last year, will not air Ryan Murphy’s new sitcom, The New Normal. The New Normal is about a happy gay couple who hire a midwestern waitress to act as their baby surrogate. KSL-TV believes that the content and dialogue is “excessively rude.”

Now, I’m not sure what KSL-TV believes is excessively rude about The New Normal, unless it’s the very existence of gays and their damned insistence on RUDELY talking about being gay. I’ve seen the pilot, and there’s little objectionable about it, unless they’re referring to the mild swipe at Republicans, the frequent sappiness, the attempt to duplicate the gay couple from Modern Family, or the sassy black woman stereotype. THAT’S IT. THE MORMONS HATE SASSY BLACK WOMAN STEREOTYPES.

“For our brand, this program feels inappropriate on several dimensions, especially during family viewing time,” said Jeff Simpson of Bonneville International.

Bonneville International, which owns KSL-TV is owned itself by the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. GLAAD also weighed in.

“Same-sex families are a beloved part of American television thanks to shows like Modern Family, Glee and Grey’s Anatomy,” said President Herndon Graddick in a statement. “While audiences, critics and advertisers have all supported lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender stories, KSL is demonstrating how deeply out of touch it is with the rest of the country.”

The Alliance for Sassy Black Women (ASBW) also weighed into the controversy, taking the station to task for their opposition to hilarious stereotypes.

“Oh No You Di’nt. Listen, Mormon man, I don’t care if you know all the lyrics to ‘Who Let the Dogs Out.’ You better R-E-S-P-E-C-T me. The Sassy Black Woman stereotype has been around for decades, and we ain’t about to let some billionaire with magic underwear and a $5 haircut destroy what we’ve worked so hard to build. OH HELL NO.”

Cam and Mitchell from the ABC sitcom Modern Family also had this to say on the matter:

“We find it offensive that a Mormon-owned television station would refuse to carry a program that features a happy, loving gay couple trying to have a child. However, we find it even more objectionable that Ryan Murphy would try to hone in on territory. We made gay marriage palatable to middle Americans, and how dare Ryan Murphy exploit the market we’ve created.”

(Source: EW)

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