‘Vacation’ Stars Chevy Chase And Beverly D’Angelo Are Reuniting For ABC Sitcom

That Old Navy commercial was only the beginning (of a new chapter in a long book that probably should have ended before a fourth Vacation). Beverly D’Angelo and Chevy Chase, who still may return to Community depending on the size of the apology fruit basket he gets from Dan Harmon, will star in a pilot for ABC called Chev & Bev, a single-camera sitcom about “two baby boomers who are fun, relevant, and living a selfish retirement when their world is turned upside down and they are suddenly left to raise their grandchildren.” “Fun” and “relevant” is also how Chase describes screenings of Cops & Robbersons in his basement.

It’s unknown at this time whether National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure exists in the Chev & Bev universe, but I hope it does, and that Randy Quaid plays a wacky neighbor.

Via EW