Vanilla Ice Sings ‘Ice, Ice Baby’/’Ninja Rap’ Medley to Group of Hipsters

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01.24.12 20 Comments

Nothing says irony quite like a white rapper performing acoustic versions of his own songs in Echo Park, California. That’s why “The Soup” asked Vanilla Ice – who must have the greatest business card ever, considering he’s a “rapper, extreme athlete, and home improvement television personality” – to sing “Ice, Ice Baby” and “Ninja Rap” to a bunch of hipsters, accompanied only by a guitar, glockenspiel, and the sounds of sarcastic mustaches being twirled in a “yes…yes…I like this” fashion.

The event’s clearly, yet cleverly staged (I hope…), and Vanilla Ice plays up his white boy rapper image well. Thing is, I can totally see this becoming a thing, beginning as parody before becoming self-parody. An upcoming “SNL” musical guest is Karmin, who became Internet famous because they recorded themselves performing a sincere, yet ironic keyboard cover of Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now.” My point: where’s Snow at?

Also, Vanilla Ice might have the greatest Wikipedia page ever. Excerpts and the video after the jump.

In 1993, Ice toured Eastern-Europe again and premiered songs off his upcoming album in St. Petersburg, Russia in front of President Boris Yeltsin.

On February 27, 2009, [Ice] performed as part of a joint performance with MC Hammer in Orem, Utah called “Hammer Pants and Ice”, which featured 24 dancers and a full choir.

In December 2011, [Ice] played Captain Hook in the Chatham, Kent Central Theatre pantomime production of Peter Pan, in the role that once belonged to Henry Winkler.

[Ice] is a Juggalo and a Vegetarian.

[Ice]’s performances often feature an inflatable grim reaper balloon, a dancer in a clown mask, and confetti thrown into the audience.

After signing with Psychopathic Records, Violent J mentioned that Insane Clown Posse were long time fans of Ice’s work; “We were bumping him way before “Ice Ice Baby” blew up. We were bumping him when he had his first record out on Ichiban. Shaggy had the vinyl and we used to bump that sh*t up in his room. It felt like two summers before that sh*t blew up.”

[Ice]’s pet wallaroo, Bucky, and pet goat, Pancho, escaped from his Port St. Lucie, Florida home in November 2004. After wandering around local streets for over a week, the animals were caught, and returned to Ice. He had to pay a $220 fine for expired pet tags, and an undisclosed fine for the escape of the animals.

I WANT A WALLAROO. I imagine Ice’s looks like this:

And for good measure:

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