CMT Is Developing A ‘Varsity Blues’ TV Series, America’s Whipped Cream Bikini Industry Applauds

Everyone else has had their spin or two with the big ol’ Price is Right style TV adaptation wheel, so why not let cable vet CMT have a shot at it too? Let’s watch their spin, shall we?




Varsity Blues, eh? Not quite expected, but sometimes the best shows can come from strange places.

Variety reports that the 1999 high school football dramedy is in the early stages of development with CMT. For those unfamiliar with the film, it’s the James Van Der Beek meme spawning motion picture that was a bit Friday Night Lights in subject matter, but with zany antics crammed into the action. The movie also unwittingly lent a heck of an assist to Not Another Teen Movie and even shared a co-star in the late Ron Lester.

If you enjoyed the tone of the movie, you’ll be happy to know that Varsity Blues writer W. Peter Iliff is handling the script. That’s about as far as details go at this early stage of development, but we feel comfortable predicting that Ali Larter‘s whipped cream bikini will find a new model. Possibly a superjacked linebacker will sport the dessert topping? That’s where the smart money is, we reckon.

(Via Variety)

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