09.11.09 9 years ago 28 Comments

Every year it gets harder to have a proper 9/11 tribute. Our memories of the tragedy fade, and we become more distanced from the emotion and the absence of irony that followed the terrorist attacks. Today marks eight years since all of our lives changed, and it’s too easy to forget who we were before and how we ended up here — “here,” in my case, being New York City by way of Iraq, a windmill of a war born from the attacks that still goes on today.

So every year I re-watch Jon Stewart’s opening on the first “Daily Show” after 9/11. Some people might find it too overwrought and blubbering, but to me it feels sincere. It represents how I felt back then and what I love about America, and the last two minutes or so always get me choked up. If you wanna make fun of me for that, well, you hate America and the terrorists have already won.

(Need more 9/11 reminiscing? Here’s my memory of it.)

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