Jonah Ryan From ‘Veep’ Has A Perfectly Awful Real Campaign Website

When we recently spoke to Veep creator Armando Iannucci about television’s greatest a-hole, Jonah Ryan, the former showrunner of HBO’s acclaimed comedy revealed that actor Timothy Simons has his own political ambitions. That was one of the aspects that made him so perfect for the character that was originally supposed to be a short, fat chain-smoker, and so it’s fitting that the show’s fifth season has Jonah running for Congress in his home state of New Hampshire. Of course, it’s even more fitting that Granite State voters also think that Jonah is a massive tool, so it’s just another reminder that Veep is wonderful and hilarious.

And because Veep’s creative minds love to keep piling on poor Jonah, they even gave him a real campaign website that is sure to confuse New Hampshire’s voters who do not have cable. At Jonah Ryan for Congress, you can check out all three of the character’s terrible campaign ads, as well as a gallery of the candidate on the campaign trail and photos from his childhood. There’s even this gem, which makes up for the lack of Simons in front of the portrait painted by his mother.

The real question is whether or not “Breakfast with Jonah” will really happen on December 18, because it’d be great to pour maple syrup on his head. Just a dream of mine, I suppose.