‘Veep’ Took Out A Full-Page Ad In A New Hampshire Paper For Jonah Ryan’s Congressional Campaign

Veep‘s fifth season is turning into one of the shows best, even half a decade into its run. Despite the departure of long-time showrunner Armand Ianucci, the show is firing on all cylinders and is funnier than ever as Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ embattled President Selina Meyer tries to fight to keep her job after a tied election and a completely botched re-count. Now, her only chance to maintain her presidency lies with a congressional vote, and in order to tip the scales in her favor, she will have to rely on Timothy Simons’ Jonah Ryan and his ability to convince the New Hampshire electorate he can be their trusty congressman. As the audience knows, and New Hampshire citizens can probably assume, there is no one less worthy of the job than Jonah Ryan.

Even though the campaign is only as real as you want it to be in your heart (because seriously, how amazing would a legitimate “Ryan for Congress” campaign be?), the show and HBO are pulling out all the stops to make it seem legit. First was the perfectly terrible campaign website, complete with cringe-inducing campaign ads and old photos. Now, they’ve done something even better. A full-age advertisement in a the New Hampshire Union Leader confidently boasts about his candidacy and assures voters he is “listening” and has “New Ideas For Now.” Besides listening to what his political king-maker uncle tells him to do and say or having new ideas about he can next torment his co-worker Dan, we can’t imagine how this makes Jonah a competent candidate.

The poster features Jonah smiling in what we suppose is meant to be a reassuring manner, but to anyone who watches the show it’s quite clear that is one of his trademark smirks. What is he thinking behind those smiling eyes? It can’t possibly be anything good for the state of New Hampshire.

(Via The AV Club)