‘Veep’ Has A Season 6 Trailer And Selina Meyer Is Out For Revenge

The big question after November 8th, 2016, was if the world had a place for political satire. Did we as a society jump the shark and land directly into r/nottheonion? Probably, but the comedy machine churns on, and Selina Meyer, the former one-term president on Veep, is dealing with the fallout of her Electoral College tie and subsequent loss of her presidential bid thanks to a senate vote. Now, Senator Laura Montez is the president, and Meyer looks to be building back up her political clout by getting all grassroots and local. Judging by her teeth-grinding smile in this Veep season 6 trailer, there will be hell to pay for those that crossed her.

In the crosshairs is her former liaison, Jonah Ryan, who might be clear of his testicular cancer (he’s like a cockroach, nothing could kill him) he was diagnosed with at the end of last season. So with familiar faces abound, Kyle’s old chief of staff nails it when he says: “It’s like the good ‘ol days but sh*ttier in every conceivable way.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy five years in a row, and will probably make it six by this time next year. Veep is back on HBO April 16th.