‘Veep’ Star Tony Hale Believes Trump Is Undercutting The Show’s Satire

Veep lost its creator and showrunner Armando Ianucci before the show’s fifth season, replacing him with David Mandel, and many assumed there would be at least a slight wobble in the show’s quality while Mandel got his feet under him. There was no such downtick in perfection though, and the show’s latest season might very well have been it’s best of the show’s run. But now, Veep has another hurdle to leap before the next season starts, and it might be an unavoidable problem. It’s not just unique to Veep’s writers’ room either. Basically, Donald Trump’s involvement in this election cycle is making all of the jokes political shows want to tell seem not ridiculous enough. Hale, in an interview with The Wrap, admits,

“The show’s becoming less of a satire. Honestly, David was just saying this: ‘The whole thing with Melania’s speech, if we had written that, HBO would have fired us, because it was too broad.’ “There’s a lot of stuff on the surface in this campaign that’s given ‘Veep’ a run for its money.”

While it’s unlikely that the show will start writing in an orange-haired “billionaire” who has a penchant for crazy speeches, they’ll at least have to start making any story arcs about immigration or random political rallies even more crazily satirical. Although now that they are plotting a season about Selena living as a private citizen instead of as an elected official, maybe she will end up building a casino with her name on it and getting her own reality show.

(via The Wrap)