Venerable Newsman Tom Brokaw Has Kicked Cancer’s Ass

Here’s some uplifting news as we head into the New Year: Former NBC Nightly News anchor and current Special Correspondent for NBC News Tom Brokaw has beaten cancer. The 74-year-old Brokaw, who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2013, sent a note to NBC employees to let them know that his cancer had gone into remission.

“A year ago my future was more uncertain than I cared to acknowledge but now I face the New Year with very encouraging news. The cancer is in remission and I will shortly go on a drug maintenance regimen to keep it there.”

Brokaw being Brokaw, he of course used this good news to once again shine a light on the “Greatest Generation“:

“I flew home reflecting again on how lucky we are that generation gave us the lives we have today – how my last year was a challenge but I was meeting it in world class hospitals with brilliant physicians, not in a foxhole in the Ardennes.”

Brokaw, who still understands the need to appeal to ALL generations even in his notes to employees because he’s a newsman, damnit, signed the note “T Bone,” which I’m pretty sure is the rap name that the Wu Tang Name generator gave him.

via People