‘The Venture Bros.’ Will Reportedly Return To Adult Swim This Summer For Season Seven

Adult Swim

With the recent news of Rick And Morty‘s renewal at Adult Swim for 70 episodes, some murmurs about another science-based adventure comedy series started to bubble up to. That show would be The Venture Bros., and we now know when it will tentatively be returning to Cartoon Network’s adult-themed lineup. The longevity of the show — particularly the length between seasons — has become the thing of legend for most fans. With years between seasons, it is almost like the animation’s version of The Winds Of Winter if we wanted to get our obligatory Game Of Thrones mention out there.

But now we have some confirmation of sorts for when season 7 of Venture will hit Adult Swim, courtesy of a Forbes feature on Titmouse, the animation production company that handles Venture and Netflix’s Big Mouth. Nestled at the very end of the article is this nugget:

And as to rumors of a highly-anticipated return of The Venture Bros? Team Titmouse was tight-lipped in the interview, but Adult Swim has confirmed the new season will be out this summer.

This alone wouldn’t be enough to warrant a positive conversation about Venture Bros. season seven, but then Titmouse retweeted the post on Twitter and added some weight to the news.

This was then retweeted by Venture Bros. co-creator Jackson Publick, along with another post from The AV Club that confirms that the show will return this summer.

The return of The Venture Bros. is only the latest Adult Swim classic to announce a return. Harvey Birdman will make a one-off special return in Harvey Birdman, Attorney General later in the fall, complete with Stephen Colbert and the rest of the original cast. If only Colbert could find some time to return to the Venture fold too as Professor Impossible, even if that’s unlikely considering where the character left at the end of the season six special “All This and Gargantua-2.”

So if you’re excited for Rick And Morty to return, this should hold you over. And then once you’re ready to say goodbye to Rick And Morty after the end of its 70 episodes, you can prepare yourselves for Venture Bros. season eight. And it will still be worth the wait.

(Via Forbes / Twitter)