Hulu Didn’t Want Kristen Bell To Use A Certain Word In The New Season Of ‘Veronica Mars’


The first two seasons of Veronica Mars aired on UPN, followed by a move to the CW for the third and final season. But now that the show is on Hulu, surely we’ll be getting all the hardcore drug use, language, and Euphoria-level sex scenes that we were missing on broadcast television, right? Maybe not.

Kristen Bell, who plays the eponymous teen-now-adult detective, was originally going to drop an f-bomb in the new season, but Hulu wouldn’t let her for a reason that actually makes sense. “I understand Hulu’s decision,” creator Rob Thomas (not that one) told TVLine. “They bought [streaming rights] to all three seasons of Veronica Mars. And because those three seasons are built to appeal to younger people, they want them to be able to watch the first three seasons [seamlessly] with season four. That was their thinking on it.” Bell added that although “no one who hires me wants me to swear” (I disagree), she has “no problem with cursing. I know some people don’t care for it — like my mom — and I fully respect that. But, personally, it only offends you if you let it.”

There’s a 12-year gap between season three and season four in real time, but for a Hulu user, they’re only a click (and a movie) apart. It’s important for the show to feel consistent and stay with an established tone; imagine if the Deadwood movie had no swearing. Besides, Veronica Mars has an easy work-around for Kristen Bell not being able to say “f*ck.”

Veronica Mars premieres on Hulu on July 26.

(Via TVLine)