The Original Run Of ‘Veronica Mars’ Will Return To Hulu Before The New Season Arrives

Warner Bros.

It was a pleasant surprise last fall when news broke that a fourth season of Veronica Mars was in the offing, but there’s been one catch: There’s nowhere to watch the original run. Sure, you could purchase episodes on Amazon, but you want it streaming as part of a subscription. So here’s some good news: As per Deadline, the cult show will be back on Hulu starting July 1.

That gives people 26 days to catch up with the daylight noir, which starred Kristen Bell as a student who moonlights as a private investigator. The show, created by future Party Down and iZombie perpetrator Rob Thomas, was never a huge ratings draw, shuffling from UPN to the CW between 2004 and 2007, before being canceled. It’s had enough of a second life, though, that a movie, made via a Kickstarter campaign, was released in 2014.

This news comes hot off word that Bell’s latest big show, the also much-loved The Good Place, will be ending after its fourth season — not because of ratings but because sometimes it’s smart to go out while you’re on top. (See: the original The Office.) But back to Rob Thomas, if he can get Veronica Mars revived twice, surely he can do the same to his also sorely missed Party Down.

(Via Deadline)