Fans Got Their Movie, So Is A ‘Veronica Mars’ Mini Series On The Way?

There are dedicated fans, and then there are Marshmallows. Ever since Veronica Mars ended after three seasons in 2007, fans have been clamoring for more. They got their wish in 2014 with the Kickstarter funded feature film and a few novels, but the rumors of more persist. While doing press for her upcoming NBC show, Mike Schur’s The Good Place, Veronica herself, Kristen Bell, was asked about the potential for more by Michael Ausiello of TV Line. To her credit, Bell gave a candid answer that is sure to only whet fans’ appetites.

“Yes, well, yes. You know I want to be up front, because that’s how we are with our fans. We’re not going to be clandestine and try and keep it from everybody. Rob [Thomas, show creator] and I definitely want to make more Veronica Mars. There are a variety of variables, like my tv contract, his tv contract, what platforms will allow us to do something truncated, like 6 episodes or 8 episodes that won’t demand a full 22, so there’s a variety of things we have to consider. But we are definitely striving to do it again and I think the idea that is bouncing around right now is some sort of miniseries that we can put on a platform that would have us. And obviously if the audience still wants it, because Rob and I definitely want to do it.”

While it’s wonderful that Thomas and Bell are so dedicated to the material, it would be great to have more concrete information. Still, any news is good news, right?

(Via TV Line)