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Don’t worry, CBS will make it crappy and watered down. The popular Twitter feed Sh-t My Dad Says will be the basis for a new sitcom on CBS. It’ll be just like “Frasier” if Frasier worked as a web writer. Before Frasier’s career fell apart with “Hank.” [Hollywood Reporter]

‘Mad Men’ as X-Men. Sounded like a stupid idea to me, but I have to admit that the execution here is solid. Approve. [Mad Atoms, part 2 here]

‘For relaxing times, make it Santori time.’ I love it when big-time Hollywood stars do commercials overseas they’d never assent to in the States. In this one, Clooney gets a piano dropped on his head, and John Malkovich plays St. Peter. Man, that Clooney is handsome in every language. [Screen Junkies]

I’ll always love the Bert and Ernie gangsta rap. Celebrate the 40th anniversary of “Sesame Street” with these remixes, covers, and mash-ups. [Urlesque]

Tears. Running down my face. A collection of videos of servicemen returning from deployment being greeted by their dogs. [Mental Floss]

Headline: ‘Pop culture snobs thrown into existential dilemma’ – Super-cool band My Morning Jacket will be on totally lame “American Dad.” Oh no, my worldview is askew! I don’t know what to look down on any more! [Stewie’s Playground]

But I want Season 4 NOW! Matthew Weiner shares his thoughts on Season 3 of “Mad Men” in this interview that will be awesome for fans of the show and completely dull for non-fans. [The Daily Beast]

This is Why You’re Fat. “The average American spent ‘four hours and 49 minutes a day on average in front of the TV’ during the most recent TV season, The Nielsen Company said Tuesday. A few minutes shy of the five-hour mark, the 2008-9 season average is the highest ever… Compared with 10 years ago, viewing is up 20 percent.” Christ, I only average a little over two hours a day, and that’s because I watch about nine hours of pro football a week. Ugh, I wanna scream in America’s face while I make it do push-ups. [NYT Media Decoder]

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