VH1 Is Reviving ‘Best Week Ever,’ Answering What The Heck Happened To Joey Gladstone

The train that is the Television Critics Association Press Tour Extravaganza-Palooza Fest 2012 continues to roll on and on, forever and forever, occasionally stopping to pick up a network to announce a new show to its passengers, increasingly surly reporters. Today, to not at all mix metaphors and/or steal a bit from Futurama, VH1 stepped up to the proverbial train’s plate to knock some dominoes down. Check mate.

VH1 announced that they’re reviving Best Week Ever, which everyone from Jessica St. Clair to Patton Oswalt appeared on before that whole Twitter thing happened, after a three-year hiatus. Not only is this good news for everyone who associates the “best week ever” phrase with the Paul F. Tompkins-hosted show, as opposed to @RonnieG1565’s tweet, “Just booked our trip to the CMA Music Festival in Nashville. #bestweekever,” it also answers the question, “Can you feel nostalgic for something that went off the air in 2009?” Guess so.

Speaking of nostalgia: VH1 also said that in 2013, they’ll premiere a new show called Miss You Much, which tracks the whereabouts of such celebrities as Aaron Carter, Dave “Ranger Joe” Coulier, Danielle Fishel, and Dennis Haskins. Clearly SOMEONE hasn’t been reading wrestling live discussions. VH1’s official response: “Cut. It. In..are we saying that right?” They also picked up Black Ink, about a “black-owned and operated tattoo parlor in New York City,” and Grand Rivers Singers Project, which includes the word “bratwurst” in its synopsis.

Meanwhile, MTV did some crap.