‘Busted By Lee Russell’ From ‘Vice Principals’ Is The Song Of The Summer

On this week’s episode of Vice Principals, Walton Goggins’ character, the nattily-attired sociopath Lee Russell, reached the breaking point with his musclebound metal-blasting neighbor. Their confrontation started with a polite conversation and eventually got to the point where one of them was shoving cans of La Croix into a pillowcase and brandishing it like a brightly colored spritzing medieval weapon. But in between those two extremes, Lee Russell tried to handle the situation by calling the police.

I bring all of this to your attention not so much to give you a recap of events from the episode, even though it was a really good episode, and Vice Principals is on its way to becoming a must-watch. I bring all of this to your attention because, after calling the cops, Lee Russell watches the action through his window while sing-rapping a song about it, and I have been singing it to myself pretty much non-stop since then.

Go ahead. Watch the video. Listen to national treasure Walton Goggins as he transitions from talking to himself to full-on vibing with joy over his neighbor getting his temporary comeuppance…

You don’t want to tussle with Lee Russell cuz I have the muscle

… and then listen as he turns it into a radio-ready hit.

I’m… BUS-ted, busted by Lee Russell

Good luck getting that out of your head. Not that you’ll want to.