The ‘Vice Principals’ Demand Respect In A Series Of Exclusive Open Letters

What exactly do vice principals… do? If you asked that question to Neal Gamby and Lee Russell, the main characters on HBO’s uproarious new comedy Vice Principals, you’d probably hear a string of expletives, followed by, “What don’t we f*cking do?” Vice principals are in charge of assisting the principal, as well as interact with teachers and “deal with disciplinary issues and motivate students to turn away from negative behaviors and encourage positive actions in their students,” according to Is there a Of course not, because these heroes don’t get the goddamn respect they deserve. (The swearing is contagious.)

We’ve obtained a series of open letters written by Gamby and Russell — who are in charge of discipline and curriculum at North Jackson High, respectively — demanding that August 2016 be known as the “1st Annual Vice Principal Appreciation Month.” (You can tell they’re not teachers; there’s no such thing as “1st Annual.”) “It shall be observed at a national level,” they wrote, “so that Vice Principals everywhere, who hide in the shadow of their principals, will rise and take the appreciation they no doubt deserve.” Stirring words from the misunderstood educational equivalent of a Brony, Furry, and Juggalo.

Check out the letters below.

Vice Principals airs Sundays on HBO at 10 p.m. EST.