Watch This Amazon Sex Toy Rant Test This Local Newswoman’s Patience On The Air

During a report on Amazon passing Walmart in sales, a local news team found themselves right in the middle of conspiracy alley. At least one of them did, our very patient newswoman just managed to look on and shake her head while her co-host rambled on about his friend who worked at Amazon.

Sure the sale of sex toys and marital aids might give Amazon a slight edge over Walmart, but that can’t be the main reason. My guess is we’ll just have to wait for his on the spot, eyewitness report as he goes undercover to tear the rug out from under Amazon’s disgusting sex toy ring.

Or something like that. It’ll give time for his co-host to out and have a smoke or two before she can get back to work.

(Via 2 News / RandomFandom)

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