Bill Maher Took On The Duggar Family On ‘Real Time’: ‘These Are The Biggest Freaks In The World’

Bill Maher joined in on all of the hot issues of the week during Friday’s Real Time episode on HBO. That mostly means Caitlyn Jenner and The Duggar Family were the hot topics of discussion. The Duggars received the most of Maher’s ire, with the host branding them as “freaks” that are comparable to ISIS in some of their beliefs. Something that isn’t really unexpected given Maher’s past views on religion, but also a bit of a crazy statement.

It would seem that Maher’s complaints spread deeper than the recent molestation scandal that has forced the family off television and into numerous Fox News interviews, but it can most-definitely be found sort of bubbling under the surface. Sort of a, “we should’ve seen this coming” line of thought.

Before the Duggar offensive, Maher took some aim at the Caitlyn Jenner coverage. Instead of focusing on Jenner’s change itself, Maher talked more on the coverage by saying “she’s not Rosa Parks” and is still a “has been from reality TV that got breast implants.” At this point, I doubt there is anybody left in the nation that hasn’t commented on Caitlyn Jenner.

(Via HBO)