The #Colbeard Is Dead! Also, Stephen Colbert Released A ‘Late Show’ Promo

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06.03.15 6 Comments

We’ve all missed Stephen Colbert and we all want him to come back from his long hibernation, but not like this… not like this. Apparently, for Stephen Colbert to live within the public eye once more, the #Colbeard had to die. But Colbert didn’t just post a beardless selfie of himself like most face fur abandoners, he dismembered the thing before our eyes in the above promo for The Late Show, giving the #ColbertBump to such looks as, “The Un-Hitler” and “The Half-Wolverine.”

The video, along with Colbert’s “American Ass” loving podcast, signals the official beginning of what will be a lengthy (and seemingly hilarious) march back to the airwaves on September 8th when The Late Show with Stephen Colbert debuts. We will, of course, keep you abreast of all relevant dispatches from the heart of Colbert’s “bad room,” but I’d be lying if I said my heart will be into it now that it has been revealed that Stephen Colbert’s real persona is indifferent to the majesty of beards and a slave to the societal bias against beard-kind.

(Via CBS)

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