Jeffrey Tambor Wants ‘Arrested Development’ Fans To Stop Sending Him Frozen Bananas

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If you see Jeffrey Tambor out in public, try to hold back from yelling his memorable lines or sending him items related to his many roles. Particularly if you’re a fan of Arrested Development. He sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday and talked a bit about the roles that get him noticed the most when out and about, and Arrested Development topped the list.

People screaming “no touching” in his ears and people sending frozen bananas to his hotel room, sounds like the life. Even better, Tambor hates bananas and usually ends up ditching them when he receives them. That part is a bit crazy, especially if the frozen bananas don’t melt. Throw them in a bag and give them to the homeless, fling them at bike riders in the park, anything is better than trashing them. Or here’s a thought, sell them:

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)