Jeremy Renner Doubled Down On His Black Widow Joke While On ‘Conan’

As Jeremy Renner notes here, he got into some “Internet trouble” recently by making a joke about the Black Widow being a slut. His Avengers co-star Chris Evans came out with an apology that sounded pretty much like one you’d expect from Captain America, but Renner held tight to the idea that Black Widow is a fictional character and his joke wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.

He mirrored those thoughts in this appearance on Conan and I can only assume that the Internet hordes are arming themselves to take him down. Then again, they could’ve moved on now that the film is in theaters, but outrage can be pretty strong. For me, The joke does seem a little rough in hindsight, especially after seeing the movie and some of Widow’s background. I’m not going to lose sleep over it, though.

I do like how Conan brings it all back to the cheap, easy humor at the end. Quicksilver is always terrible.

(Via Team Coco)