Relive 22 Years Of David Letterman’s Memorable Interviews With This Classy ‘Late Show’ Montage

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05.02.15 4 Comments

As we near the end of David Letterman’s run in late night, we’re being treated to a lot of looks back at the various memorable moments from his CBS history. NBC will always be the cutting edge period for Letterman, but his time with The Late Show hasn’t been a slouch. That always been clear in his interviews with his noteworthy guests over the years.

This montage runs through a few of them, including his numerous encounters with Bill Murray, the controversial interviews with Madonna and Drew Barrymore, and the moments when he sat across from some of the most powerful political faces in the modern era.

My favorite is Justin Bieber, though. How could it not be? Not only did he sorta whine when Letterman grabbed at his tattoo, but then he got shown up by Selena Gomez soon after. That’s some major burning.

(Via The Late Show)

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