Here’s Actual Video Of Paula Deen Saying Cringeworthy Things About Black People

Hey, did you know that Paula Deen has a dash of racism in her? Well it’s true. This is a scantly covered story so we’re here to break it wide open. You ready? Paula Deen likes to say mean things about Black people from time to time. Yep. Journalism.

With all the hoopla surrounding her videos and confessions, we’ve never really had too much visual evidence of her in the act. Well, now we have it.

The video below is a clip from an interview with the New York Times where she talks about the importance of African-Americans to her Southern heritage (of all things) and she brings an old friend up to the stage. Okay, so far, so good. Nothing to worry about here. Just stay the course and you’ll be fine.

Deen then suggests that the friend (who’s Black) shouldn’t stand in front of the black background because he’ll just blend in.

Sigh. This isn’t going to end well.

Actually, the comment would be pretty innocuous from most celebrities and seen as just an ill-executed joke but in Deen’s case this is the case of a big turd being too close to the mound of sh*t rolling downhill. So this will only damage her already scarred reputation, and energize her defenders who think she’s just getting picked on.