There Is Apparently A Disturbing Amount Of Butt Touching On The Set Of ‘Silicon Valley’

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06.03.15 2 Comments

Apparently the set of Silicon Valley features folks swiping each other between their butt cheeks and Zach Woods attempting to bite people in their calf muscles. At least that’s what I take from this pleasant interview with Thomas Middleditch, who is clearly nothing like his character on the show. Instead of being an overstressed, timid CEO, he’s actually a deviant with an odd sense of humor.

But that means his interview with Conan is entertaining as hell. Maybe not as much as co-stars TJ Miller or Zach Woods, but Middleditch flexes those comedic muscles a bit and admits to plenty of inappropriate touching on the set. Playing “credit or debit” with people’s butt cracks, grabbing junk, tweaking nipples. It’s all business as usual at HBO.

(Via Team Coco)

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