VIDEO: ‘The Simpsons’ Oscar-Nominated Short, Starring Maggie And Baby Gerald

All anyone wants to talk about this week is the Oscars, which is all well and good unless you write for a TV site, in which case it is a little infuriating. Luckily, one of the nominees this year, in the short film category, is The Simpsons, and The Simpsons is totally a TV show.

The short, titled The Longest Daycare, features Marge dropping Maggie off at daycare, and the butterfly-related adventure she goes on while she’s there. In four dialogue-free minutes, it manages to be both funny and charming, which [fill in complaint about newer seasons of The Simpsons versus the golden years]. It also features Baby Gerald smashing things with a mallet, which is important because the Academy has ignored mallet-smashing-related works for far too long, and it’s nice to see one finally get recognized. Maybe now someone will finally produce my Gallagher biopic, Duck and Cover, Here Comes Some Watermelon Guts. It’s a love story.

(Via Vulture)