Woman To Steve Harvey: I Sign And Photograph My Boyfriend’s Penis Before He Leaves The House

“Is it weird for me to sign my boyfriend’s private parts?”

During a recent episode of Steve Harvey’s talk show, a woman told an unusual story about how she kept her boyfriend from cheating on her. You see, before he left the house, Jeanne would autograph his penis and take a picture of it. When he came home after a night out with his friends, she would pull down his pants and match up the picture from hours earlier.

/pause, cue Steve Harvey reaction collage

Clinical psychologist John Duffy, who joined Harvey on the show. added: “I’ve been a clinician for 20 years … I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anything like this so I guess you get points for originality.”

Yeah, let’s applaud this woman for being unique. Sure. Nevermind the fact her boyfriend is running around with permanent marker on his schlong.

Actual exchange that took place during the segment (full video above):

Tiffany Davis Henry: “There are ways around this. We can get a condom that’s not lubricated, put it on and it would never wipe off.”
Steve Harvey: “Vaseline.”
John Duffy: “Forgery.”

And now you know how to get away with ink on your penis. You’re welcome, adulterers.

(h/t: Brett Smiley)