Vince Gilligan And The 'Breaking Bad' Crew Shaved Their Heads In Show Of Solidarity With Bryan Cranston

I was browsing around the AMC website on a Thursday night, like you do, and stumbled upon a behind-the-scenes video that basically goes through the scene in the first season where Walter White shaves off his head. That’s nothing new to us, of course. Last year, we posted a pretty cool video where Cranston shaved his hair off on the talk show of Steven Michael Quezeda (Gomie). But as I was watching this video and listening to a much younger looking Vince Gilligan talk about the scene, I couldn’t help but wonder why Vince Gilligan’s own hair looked so … weird. Thinning, but not really. Mangy. It’s odd because Vince Gilligan’s hair doesn’t look anything like that today.

Anyway, as he discusses in the video below in an anecdote about Breaking Bad that I’d not heard before, it turns out that both he and much of the Breaking Bad crew also shaved their hair in a show of solidarity with Cranston, which once again shows you that Breaking Bad is not only the best show on television, but has the nicest, most genuine, coolest folks working for it.

Here’s a screenshot of the crew.