I Am The One Who Unboxes: Watch Vince Gilligan Show Off The ‘Breaking Bad’ Complete Series DVD Barrel

Creative Director
11.19.13 13 Comments


Sony just released this video of Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan unboxing the complete series DVD set, which comes gorgeously packaged in a replica of one of Walter White’s money barrels.

There’s something sweet about watching the creator of arguably the best series in TV history gently paw over the fruits of his 7+ years of hard work like a proud father. In fact, it raises the one question left unanswered by the show’s fantastic finale: How can a man who authored so many sadistic scenes also sound so warm and kind in real life? I want him to read bedtime stories to me.

In addition to every Breaking Bad episode and every previously-released DVD extra, the set comes with a ton of bonus video content, including the gag reel and alternate ending that keep popping up-and-down on YouTube, and a two-plus hour documentary about the making of the show. There’s also a compartment that contains physical artifacts, which are best left described by the master himself.

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