Vince Gilligan Cried After He Wrote The ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale

Two Breaking Bad posts in a row! I couldn’t resist myself, not after reading about Gilligan’s reaction to finishing the final Breaking Bad script. Can you imagine the mixture of relief and sadness that flows from finishing the series, which he’s been working on for six years. It was no small undertaking, obviously: Building so many layers, weaving in so many literary devices, and creating a dense, complex universe is something that only Matthew Weiner and a handful of novelists do these days, and Gilligan had the added pressure of turning those words into a meticulously crafted series, of choosing a cast, of picking SHIRT COLORS, and promoting the show. After that, a good goddamn cry is well deserved.

From THR:

“I haven’t told my crew this. I actually cried writing the end – ‘The end’ on the last episode,” Gilligan said. “I haven’t since then.”

He also conceded that he had not been planning out the ending from the series’ beginning, but it’s important to note (especially for conspiracy theorists, *cough cough*), that the conclusion is built from the chess set he had built over five seasons. There is a mouse trap; there’s just a lot of different paths he could’ve taken to trap the mouse.

He said that though Breaking Bad is often praised for its meticulous planning, he insisted the show’s ending was not part of a master plan concocted during season one.

“We sat around in the writer’s room for thousands of man hours playing a game of chess, saying, ‘If we move the character from here to here to here, what happens? What’s the counter-move?’” Gilligan said. “Essentially we said, ‘What are all the possible endings we can come up with?’ And then, ‘What is the ending that satisfies us the most?’”

That last line, “The ending that satisfies us most” is also important because it illustrates that he will not be pulling some (bullsh**) ambiguous David Chase ending. Closure is on its way.

The final season of Breaking Bad begins on August 11th.

(Source: THR)