Vince Gilligan Says The 'Breaking Bad' Finale Will Be 'Victorious'

What does that mean, exactly? Well, first of all, it means that he won’t leave us hanging. There will not be a frustrating, open-ended finale where we’re left wondering if Walter White will live or die. This will not be The Sopranos. Vince Gilligan, in an interview with The Daily Beast, however, would not offer specifics, saying that he doesn’t want to tip anything off. However, on the finale, Gilligan did say it is “victorious.”

“I’ll say this much,” Gilligan began. “I’m surprised by how victorious, in a certain sense, the ending feels to me.”

When I think of “victorious” and Breaking Bad, the first image that always pops into my head is this:

Gilligan also added, on the finale:

“I was very nervous for the last year that we didn’t have an interesting enough way to wrap up Breaking Bad,” he confessed. “I have to say that we were in the woods for a long time with these final eight episodes. Creatively, I felt like I couldn’t see the forest for the trees, and I was sort of trying to hack my way through the jungle of this story.”

But eventually Gilligan and his team found what sounds like an ideal solution.

“I’m very proud of these final eight,” Gilligan said Monday. “They go like gangbusters. There is no downtime in them. We are racing to the finish. I think they end the show in as satisfying a manner as we could possibly come up with.”

Gangbusters. Satisfying. No downtime. Racing to the finish.

Good God, that sounds perfect. The final eight episodes begin in 103 days.

(Source: The Daily Beast)