Vince Offer (The ShamWow Guy) Is Planning His Big Comeback

Chances are that the last you heard of Vince Offer – AKA Offer Shlomi, AKA That guy from the ShamWow commercials – he was doing one of three things:

1) Pitching his latest wonder product, “The Schticky”
2) Pushing his independent sketch comedy movie, InAPPropriate Comedy
3) Getting into a fist fight with a prostitute in his hotel room after she tried to bite his tongue off

But now Offer (seen above in 2009 before his arrest) is hoping that people will forget that last thing (but still buy the other two, considering his movie only grossed about $225,000 and is expected to “break even by 2014 thanks to overseas and video-on-demand sales”) and focus on his big comeback – The InVinceable kitchen cleaner.

The “InVinceable” kitchen cleaner is scheduled to come out in mid-September. Afterward, Offer is considering a move behind the camera and producing infomercials starring others.

Unlike his earlier products, Offer says he didn’t find the new one as an established flea market seller. Instead, he thought of the name first and designed a product around it.

It will take more than a new liquid cleanser to scrub away the hotel incident from the ShamWow Guy’s name. He hopes it’s not indelible.

“People understand you make mistakes in life,” said Vince. “Hopefully I won’t make another mistake.” (Via CNBC)

Who doesn’t love a good comeback story? Especially one about a guy who makes forgettable commercials for products that people buy because they like wasting money in between punching (alleged) prostitutes and making a movie that has earned reviews that include phrases like “inept, brutally unfunny” and “painfully unfunny” and, my personal favorite, “offensive, brutally awful, grossly unfunny, and absolutely poisonous.”

But best of luck, Vince. Maybe we’ll even get another “hilarious” collection of unique gay jokes from Flirty Harry.

(H/T to StinkyPete)