Check Out Vince Vaughn’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promos

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04.10.13 9 Comments

I like Vince Vaughn a lot more than I ought to given his recent output. The man hasn’t made a decent movie in eight damn years, since Wedding Crashers. But, Crashers and Swingers and Old School and Dodgeball give him at least another year of free passes. Unfortunately, I don’t think the reunion of Vaughn and Owen Wilson in The Internship is going to in any way rekindle the Vaughn magic. Vaughn, like Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, and so many others before him, has been lost to the family movie. The rat-ta-tat banter has been reduced to delivering the insipid lines from movies like The Dilemma and Four Christmases. BUT, we’ll always have Vaughnzilla scarfing down the ice cream cone.

He hosts Saturday Night Live for the second time this weekend, and I only know it’s his second time because that’s what the press release said. His first stint must not have been that memorable because I have no recollection of it. But, bygones. Check out the promos, and rue what we have lost.

(Photo Credit: Filmdrunk)

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