Volume Control Dog Is Cute

03.30.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

Besides all the death and destruction and radiation poisoning, the Japanese tsunami has also had a deleterious effect on the content here at Warming Glow: it changed my attitude toward Japan. For the last several weeks, I’ve had to feel sympathy for human beings, instead of my preferred course of enjoying Japanese television for its video clips of monkey knife fights and fetishized school girls.

This Japanese TV clip is a small step to getting us back in the right direction. In it, the owner of a Shiba Inu controls the volume of the dog’s bark with different commands. It sounds kind of boring, because you’re like, “Well if it’s in Japanese how am I supposed to tell what the commands are?” Believe me, you’ll know. And if you’re like me, you’ll also giggle like a little girl. A carefree little girl who’s never had to deal with a tsunami.

Bonus Asian dog of the day: CORGI.

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